Posted by: MicheleLisa | February 3, 2012

Henro Day 2: Journal

November 22, 2011, Day Two

  • Walking from 7:45 am to 4 pm
  • 6 temples (Anrakuji, Jurakuji, Kumadanji, Horinji, Kirihataji, and Fujidera)
  • 23.8 km
  • staying at Access Business Hotel (5,500 yen including breakfast)

A much better day today.  Breakfast was early at the minshuku, and it was (partly) raw egg.  Which they kindly cooked for me.

Anrakuji (No. 6)

They also gave us all a 5 yen piece (shiny) and some matches, which came in handy today.  And then they drove us to the next temple!  I can’t decide if that’s cheating or not, but considering the majority of people bus the whole thing and they encourage people to do it any way they want, I guess it’s okay.

Horinji (No. 9)

Today I went to temple 6 to 11.  I kept running into the same people along the way, with 3 guys who were amazed at how fast I was going (not that fast really) and kept asking if I was running it.  I also had a weird Oji-san talk to me at temple 7.  I didn’t understand half of what he said.

Buddhas in Bibs

Between 10 and 11  had a volunteer guide latch on to me.  Interesting guy.  65 and just out for a 30km stroll.  Showed me the dragon on the ceiling at number 11 and pointed out that Japanese dragons only have 3 claws vs. Chinese, which have 5.  He also pretty much walked me to the hotel.  Except the last crucial 50 meters in which I managed to get hopelessly lost.  It was hiding behind a convenience store.

Kobo Daishi at Fujidera (No. 11)

Smallest hotel I’ve ever stayed in too.  More the size of a motel, but definitely a business hotel.  Cold water in the shower though. 😦

Maccas for dinner (meh), did some washing, repacked bag, sent some e-mails.  Oh, forgot to mention Tokushima kinda smells.  Lots and lots of cows living in sheds.

Little worried about tomorrow – rain and my first Henro Kogoroshi.


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