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Henro Day 5: Journal

November 25, 2011, Day 5

  • Walking from 7:40 am to 3pm
  • 2 temples (Idoji, Onzanji)
  • 20.2 km
  • Staying at Minshuku Chiba (6825 yen including dinner and breakfast)

Today I had to push myself.  Legs are feeling very very stiff and my calves hurt!

I exchanged name slips with my two new friends at breakfast, and then we were off around 7:40.  Made it to the first temple shortly after 8.  Then it was the long slog to temple 18.

Idoji (No. 17)

I took the route through Tokushima city.  It was interesting to see a little more of Tokushima, but it’s not a huge city.  Nor does it have much of anything really.  But it was better than climbing the 150 m pass if I used the other way.

Followed route 55 for most of the day.  All in all not very inspiring.

Did have a woman stop and talk to me – surprise surprise – a Jehovah’s witness.  You can never escape them.

Rest Hut on Route 55

I really needed to find a toilet and I didn’t see any of the convenience stores that were marked on the map.  In fact I know one of them was closed (out of business?) but luckily for me I found a rest hut that wasn’t marked and there was a toilet!  With toilet paper even!  The rest huts are really nice and clean, but simple.  And they all have a guest book to sign as well.  So I did.

Guest Book

Temple 18 was a bit of a disappointment, not well cared for (although an organization was there today cleaning leaves).  At least Minshuku Chiba is close by!

Onzanji (No. 18)

Not  so sure how I want to finish this.  Tomorrow I’ll go to 19 and stay about 100 min away from 20.

20 is Henro Korogashi…  and so is 21, but there’s nowhere to stay between.  I’ll book in a place after.  Or do I go to Minobashi Station and then train to 22 and 23???  From 21 to 22 is 4.2 hours.  And from 22 to 23 is 6.3 hours..  So hard to decide, and I must decide tomorrow.

All that being said, I’ll probably walk to 22 and train to 23.  Feeling very very tired tonight, so I’ll turn in early.  (It’s only 6:30!)

I forgot to mention, I was given osettai yesterday at 18 – a really cute drawstring purse 😀



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  2. I guess my question is this.

    1. Why do humans feel the need to do a pilgrimage?

    2. Why did you want to do THIS particular pilgrimage?

    3. What were you seeking to GAIN from this trip?

    • By gain, I mean, spiritually. Or perhaps wisdom. Or maybe it’s insight. Or maybe forgiveness. Or maybe accomplishment. I guess there are lots of factors that could be involved.

      I guess I’m just wondering why humans across cultures tend to be drawn to long walks to visit holy places and shrines. I’m curious as to why an Australian is drawn to a Japanese/shinto? Pilgrimage.

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